Track Flexible provides a complete solution for creating curved framing of walls, partitions, bulkheads, archways and columns.

Utilising a precision engineered crumple-link design, smooth curves are formed evenly and progressively ensuring flat spots are avoided throughout the entire bend.  Unlike other systems, there is no need to fix every segment to the floor, wall or ceiling whilst creating the desired curve which can be done easily by hand. 

Track Flexible is the most convenient and cost effective method of creating your curved wall needs.


Saves time and money with less labour

Fewer fixings with reduced fastener points 

No additional materials required such as plywood bracing

Simple screw fixing method with crimping permitted

Highly customisable creating endless design opportunities

Standard pack sizes for ease of delivery and handling

Safe to install

Fully tested solution with AS/NZS 4600:2005 and AS/NZS4600:2016 (draft) certification

Manufactured from ‘Next Generation’ Zincalume AM150 coated G300 steel, Track Flexible along with the rest of the Knauf Metal range has extra strength and corrosion resistance to meet Australian conditions and standards and is backed with a Knauf 10 year warranty. 

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