Knauf Metal supllies a full range of quality PVC Trims and Angles.

Knauf Metal Render and Plasterboard Angles and Trims are made from pure UVPVC that comply to Australian Standards for Bush Fire Prone Areas AS3959-2009 as measured by AS 1530.2-1993 methods for fire testing on building materials, components and structures Part 2 test for flammability of materials.

Below some popular products:

PTAWAYBD10/30 - Tearaway Bead 10mm

PTAWAYBD10/30SL - Tearaway Bead Shadowline 10mm

PVCXJ30 - PVC Hideaway Expansion Joint

P90EX30PLASTIC - Round Hole External Angle 90°

For the complete range and more information contact your regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Team by calling 1300 725 675.